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A FREE Driver EST Experience      
 (EST – Emergency Situation Training)

Driver Benefits

Practice any maneuver, even dangerous ones, in a realistic and safe environment.

Improve your perception and anticipation of dangerous situations

View instant replays of your  performance including overhead blind spot views and instrument panels that would not be available in a real truck.

Receive reliable, objective performance scores that can be compared with the scores of other drivers.

VIRAGE Simulator Features

Real Truck Parts, 3D, Sound,

Fully Immersed Simulation

All automatic and manual transmissions with realistic force feedback and vibrations on the shifter.

A high-performance, compact three axis-motion system.

Realistic steering wheel forces acting on the wheel during turning maneuvers.

Realistic responses from the clutch, gas and brake pedals based on actual vehicle measurements. 

Simply put, simulated training saves time, money and improves safety and performance.

NextGen Experience Brought to You by
CDL Drivers Unlimited 

Embracing technology that helps improve Drive performance is one of CDL Drivers Unlimited  goals. NextGen’s unique mobile service offering is that it allows all carriers no matter what their size 1 or 1,000 to have access to a VIRAGE Truck Driving simulator that up until now only large carriers or organizations with government grants could afford. At the current time there are only two mobile commercial units in the US.

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