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Awards, Drawings, and Auction


We have Two awards currently.  The first award established in 2018 was the giving away of the signed banner to one of our participates who has directly put some sort of overwhelming support at, or for the TenFour DC event.  The banner is a dated banner for everyone who attends to sign as a record of attendance.  Then we frame it and award it on Friday evening at the awards Ceremony after the BBQ. 

The other award was established in 2019 and is a traveling trophy, which returns each year to be awarded to another attendee.  Originally called the people's choice award but renamed in 2020 as the Miss Arline Bennett Award in honor the awards second winner Arline Bennett.  Arline had for years went out of her way to help and support the Trucking Community.  Considering the love, the Trucking Community has for her we thought it was a great way to honor her memory, as she was dying of cancer and almost never missed an event even as she fought her disease. 


We have  free door prize drawings on Friday and Saturday to award to the participants of the event.   The number of door prizes varies each year depending on donations.


We hold an auction on Saturday as a fundraiser for the TenFour DC event as well as raising funds for other driver charities.  As part of our auction we always include TenFour DC Branded trucks which are very popular with the drivers. These antique toys are rebranded by TenFour DC to show scenes from our events with TenFour DC logos. This auction is one of the ways we pay for the TenFour DC event. 

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