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Who Are We
TenFour DC ( is an IRS 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit, designed to promote Professional Commercial Drivers. We are a widely diverse profession in our society hailing from every point on the map and every socio-economic background. 

What We Do

We bring our trucks and show them off in a one of a kind Truck Driver Appreciation Event, on the National Mall in Washington DC,  this honor allows driver to be front and center on our National stage to honor their service for our Country. We are the first trucking group to be given this one of a kind opportunity to park bobtails on the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building, the biggest stage in the United States.

We create a family-friendly environment where we can tell our story to thousands of people with little-to-no knowledge of our industry.  We welcome questions, pose for pictures, take pictures, and focus on the educational opportunity.  We even bring the latest technology and safety-focused examples to demonstrate our commitment to future drivers as well.

We gather donations for charity, both national and local, to help meet the challenges of those in need.

Why We Do IT

This is a tribute to all drivers that, each and every day, provide the lifeblood of our economy with the quick, reliable, and safe delivery of products, foods, and services to the American people and the world in general.

We want to show the leaders of our nation that we deserve the respect and understanding of the challenges of our profession within our industry.  We are the human infrastructure that makes it all work.

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